Live scan Agencies FAQ

Live scan Agencies responsibilities?

Applicant agencies must not divulge or share criminal record history information, including responses that no criminal record history exists unless expressly authorized. Information received must be kept in a secure and confidential file with access restricted to a designated Records Custodian and/or person responsible for confirming the character and fitness of an applicant.

Release of information to unauthorized individuals can result in civil fines and criminal penalties under California Penal Code sections 11142 and 11143. Applicant agencies must destroy criminal history record information once the organization’s business need is fulfilled.

What do I do if:

a. After the initial background check, I decided not to hire the individual; or
b. The employee recently separated from my agency; or
c. The individual is no longer licensed or eligible to renew his/her license?

If your Agency currently receives Subsequent Arrest Notifications, you are required to notify DOJ when your employment or licensing relationship with the individual has concluded. Upon receipt, we will update our records so you will no longer receive Subsequent Arrest Notifications for that individual.
No Longer Interested Form, pdf.

How do I inform DOJ if my agency has changed names or changed address, etc?

Anytime your agency moves, changes names or contact information, you should notify the DOJ by submitting the Agency Information Change Request Form, pdf. This ensures the DOJ has the most current information by which to contact you.

What do I do if I forgot to request an FBI check for my applicant or if I made other mistakes on the Live Scan form?

Unfortunately, with the volume of fingerprint transactions submitted, the DOJ cannot correct most errors. In most cases, you will have to send the applicant to be fingerprinted again – as if it was the initial transaction. All fees will be charged and have to be remitted the second time.

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