Local Mailbox Rentals

Local Mailbox Rentals

A POBox address is just that – a POBox. When you rent a Private Mailbox, you get a real street address. You can actually operate a business right out of the store because you have a real street address. The postal mailbox is only accessible when the Post Office is open, and perhaps an hour before and/or after normal Post Office hours. The Private Mailbox is generally accessible 24 hours a day – you get a key to the front door to come and go as you please (in most cases)!

The POBox cannot accept any parcels on your behalf. If you receive an overnight letter via UPS,FedEx, DHL the Post Office cannot sign on your behalf and hold the letter for you; therefore, most common carriers will not accept for shipment any packages addressed to POBoxes.

A1 Livescan NOTARY SHIPPING can act as your Commercial Mail Receiving Agent and can accept parcels on your behalf. The staff will sign for your parcel(s) and then notify you that the parcel is available for pickup. They will usually ask that you sign a log to indicated receipt of the parcel from the store. Local Mailbox Rentals, PO Box Rentals in Los Angeles County, California. A1 Livescan Notary Shipping is authorized USPS Mailbox Location Offers Mailbox Livescan Notary Fed Ex Shipping Passport Photo, Check Cashing, DMV Auto Registration Key Duplication, Tax Services, Ink Fingerprinting Watch Battery, all in one place. In Los Angeles, Northridge, California.

  • Prestigious Street Address
  • No PMB designation, simply use the # sign and your mailbox number.
  • Receive Parcels fromany Carrier (UPS,Fed Ex, DHL, Airborne Express)
  • Convenient Location, Walking Distance from California State University, Northridge
  • Optional 24-hour Service*. Access your mailbox anytime, night or day, and even on the weekends.
  • Safe and Secure – 24-hour Surveilance.
  • No Hassle. In and out with no delay.
  • Shipping and Packing Service for when you need to send out large packages.

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