Mail Forwarding Rates

Mail forwarding

Effective September 15, 2013

Dear Customer:

In order to begin your mail forwarding service, you must open a deposit account at our Center. The deposit account is used to pay for all costs associated with mail forwarding. Deposit accounts may be opened with cash, check, money order, or credit cards. To open a deposit account, please remit a minimum of $35.00.

You will incur 1)Shipping, 2) Packing, and 3) Service Fee:

1) Depending upon the weight, size and destination of your package or envelope, your Shipping* fee will vary. We will use our discretion in choosing the most economical carrier to ship your mail. If you prefer a next day air or a 2-day air service, please let us know. We can accommodate most transit time requirements.

2) Your Packing fee will also vary depending on supplies used, e.g., box, envelope, etc. (For instance the cost of a 10×13 envelope is $0.25). FREE carriers’ mailing/shipping supplies are available upon request.

3) Our Service Fee is $2.50 every time we forward your mail. This is based on either weekly or on call (i.e., we will forward only upon your call).

All charges will be withdrawn from your deposit account as we render the services. When your deposit account becomes low with funds, a notice for an additional deposit will be sent. Please note that no mail can be forwarded without funds to cover the forwarding costs.

We look forward to servicing your account.

Thank you.
A1 Livescan Notary Shipping
*A mark-up on all USPS postage will be applied. For example, $0.90 will be charged for $0.60 postage.

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