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Certified Notary Signing Agents

Certified Notary Signing Agents

At A1 Livescan Notary Shipping we specialize in loan signings! Our highly-skilled Notary Publics are well versed in all legal documents. If you are closing on a home, we can work with the title company to bring the paperwork to sign at your home, office or other location! You benefit by closing on your home faster and with convenience. Our licensed notaries can also assist with wills, divorce, child custody agreements and other important documents. Allow our experienced notaries to assist with your entire document signing needs!.

Our professional Notaries have over fifteen (15) years of experience notarizing simple to very complex documents. We accept e-documents & offer Mobile Notary Public Services.

Public Notaries are entrusted with the task of properly identifying the individual signing a document in accordance with the State of California’s notarial laws.Public Notaries are also required to certify under penalty of perjury that the signer of the document personally appeared in front of the notary, acknowledged signing the document and is in fact the right person mentioned in the signature block of the document.

Public Notaries Services in California perform a broad array of notarizations ranging from a simple travel document to complex loan and legal documents. Notary Publics are licensed and regulated by the Secretary of the State and are restricted in what they can and cannot do as a public servant.

A1 Livescan Notary Shipping Notaries are Licensed, Certified Notaries in the state of California serving all of Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. We specialize in providing prompt and professional notary service you can trust! Our Certified Notaries provide superior customer service, specialized notarial knowledge and loan signing services On-Call and in-house! . A1 Livescan Notary Shipping Notaries will travel to meet your needs. We’re here for you 24/7!

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