Live Scan Form

Commonly Used Forms for Applicant Agencies:

Please note that as a courtesy to our customers we have blank Request for Livescan Service forms available for your convenience. However, it is your responsibility to obtain the correct form and the necessary ORI Code, Agency Set Address and Mail Code that pertains to your referring agency.

Applicant Agencies? Billing Forms:

  1. Transmittal Form (Pre-paid)PDF logo [PDF 44 kb / 1 pg]
  2. Transmittal Form (Billed)PDF logo [PDF 43 kb / 1 pg]
  3. Credit Card Transaction FormPDF logo [PDF 245 kb / 1 pg]
  4. Livescan Credit Request FormPDF logo [PDF 281 kb / 13 pg]

Portable Document Format (PDF) To view PDF files, use free Adobe PDF Reader.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)

Contractors State License Board

Criminal Record Review / Foreign Adoption

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Department of Real Estate (DRE)

Department of Social Services




Healthcare / Medical / Psychological



Legal Industry

Pest Control

More Forms Below

Contractors State License Board

Contractors State License Board Information – You must bring the “Request for Livescan Form” that you received from State License Board

Applicant Agencies

BEFORE any of your potential applicants can be fingerprinted for a background check, you must apply with the DOJ to become an authorized applicant agency unless already designated by law. Please note: The DOJ will only approve an organization if authorized in statute. The authorizing statute will specify the level of service you are authorized to receive (i.e., California criminal history information ONLY or California and Federal criminal history information).