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Live Scan Fingerprinting


A1 Livescan Notary is Authorized doj Live scan locations providing Live scan services in California. A1 Livescan Notary Shipping is certified and authorized by Homeland Security, FBI and DOJ. Our certified professional staff provide fast and accurate Livescan and FBI Ink fingerprinting card services. Livescan is also known as Criminal Background Check

Ink Fingerprinting

Ink Fingerprinting

A1Livescan Notary Shipping is Authorized by Homeland Security and FBI to provide Ink Fingerprinting services to public. Ink Fingerprinting on Ink Fingerprint Card are provided by our certified professionals.



Certified Notary Signing Agent – Notary Public.

Where to find a notary?

A1 Livescan Notary Shipping Notaries are Licensed,insured and Bonded Certified Notaries in the state of California serving all of Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. All of our professional Notary Public are Certified Notary Signing Agents



FedEx,DHL,UPS,USPS,Authorized Shipping Center

Compare Shipping Rates Among UPS, FedEx,DHL, USPS-Post Office and More!

A1 Livescan Notary Shipping is Authorized Fedex Locations for fed ex dropoff. Need to ship packages A1 Livescan Notary Shipping can help you for International Shipping, Overseas Shipping,Ground Shipping, usps shipping also we sell shipping boxes.

Mailbox, POBox Rentals in Los Angeles County, California.


Mailbox, POBox Rentals in Los Angeles County, California. A1 Livescan Notary Shipping is authorized USPS Mailbox Location Offers Mailbox, Livescan, Notary, Fed Ex, Shipping, Passport Photo,  DMV Auto Registration, Key Duplication, Copy, Print, Email, Scan, Fax, Internet Access, Book Binding, Tax Services, Ink Fingerprinting, Watch Battery, Bill Payments, Stationary and Gift Items all in one place. In California. Convenient Location Walking distance from California State University, Northridge, CSUN

Mailbox Rental Download Mailbox Forms (For Local Mailbox Rentals) OR Apply OnLine (For Mailbox OnLine)

DMV Services



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Passport Photos

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we can help you at PassportPhoto Passport Photo Services. A1 Livescan Notary Shipping Provides passport photos for $10.00 Technological advances have changed the way the passport and visa photos may be taken and the way that the U.S. Department of State processes the photos.A1 Livescan Notary Shipping is equipped with latest state of art technologically advance pass port photo system to accomplish specific requirement for your passport photos any country passport photo.